Zeus Electrosex Clip Leads (Clamps)

For many people their first experience of electrosex is through the use of adhesive, conductive pads which apply the current over a comparatively large surface area. These purpose-made electrosex clamps give a different kind of experience for those who want to try something a little more intense.

The clamps can be connected to any Zeus mains or battery-run power boxes. They can then be attached to any suitable body part. They simply clip on and have been carefully designed and sprung to exert just the right amount of pressure to hold them firmly in place with no pinching. The contacts are also made from a special conductive material which ensures just the right intensity of current is experienced.

The Zeus Electrosex Clamps are also so easy to detach and re-locate that it is easy to home in on the precise spot, or spots, where they are going to have the most pleasurable effects. They are also equally suited to either the male or the female body, making them an essential accessory that everyone can share.

They’re also equally effective whatever the mode or intensity that is being used. On twin channel power boxes the can even be used to apply individual effects in two places simultaneously.