Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder

The Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder is positive proof that the most exciting route to sexual stimulation doesn’t necessarily have to involve vibrations, rubbing or massage. Instead, the simple transmission of gentle electrical impulses can be a far more direct road to satisfaction.

Nowhere is this demonstrated more decisively than in the Deep Intruder. When it is connected to any Zeus power box and the power is turned on it transmits a delightful charge to the heart of the user’s pleasure centres. By providing direct stimulation to the nerves the results a can be so much more intense that a normal vibrator can achieve.

With a full 9 inch insertable length and a circumference of 5.125 inches at its head, using the Deep Intruder is an unforgettable experience. Its generous length and girth brings it in to the most pleasing and intimate contact with the body’s most sensitive and thrilling erogenous zones.

The Deep Intruder has a tantalising combination smooth contours and a ribbed, metallic panel through which the current passes.

This really is the ultimate pleasure giver for a partner, especially when it is used with the controllable features of a Zeus power box to raise the excitement to previously unexperienced levels.