Zeus Electrosex Egg

The Zeus Electro Bullet harnesses the power of electro sexual stimulation and delivers it just where it can have some very dramatic, and very satisfying, effects. It is ideal for those who already have some experience of electrosex and who may want to take things a little further than ever before.

This small bullet is just 2.25 inches long by 1 inch wide and comes in a shiny and smooth silver finish. This makes it the perfect size and shape for gentle insertion into the vagina or anus where it can start to deliver its sensational effects. It can also be amazingly effective when placed over the clitoral area or on the lips of the vagina.

Once switched on, the bullet conducts a gentle flow of electricity to the area. By directly stimulating the many sensitive nerve endings found in the entrance to the vagina or the anus the pleasure will instantaneous.

The sensuous flow of electricity can be regulated and increased or decreased at will using the Zeus power box unit to create a truly ecstasy-inducing effect. So once the Electro Bullet has been used, it will be an experience that is sure to be repeated again and again.