Zeus Electrosex Gel

All Zeus electrosex machines have been designed to deliver great levels of electrical stimulation but to truly enjoy their special effects to the maximum they will also benefit from the use of this special product.

Zeus Electrosex Gel has been specially formulated to work with Zeus machines to increase the level of conductivity between the pad, clamp or accessory and the part of the body with which it is in contact.

A small dab of the gel is all that is needed to make the electrosex experience even more intense and sensuous by helping the electric current to flow more easily and with less natural resistance. The smooth lubrication that the gel provides also adds to the general sensuality of the Zeus electrosex experience and makes it especially practical for use with accessories that are designed for insertion.

A further benefit of using the gel is that the same level of stimulation can be achieved using lower power levels. For battery-powered power boxes this means that they may be able to run for longer before the batteries need to be replaced.

The gel comes in a handy 4oz tube which both makes application fuss free and ensures a tube goes a long way.