Zeus Electrosex Penis Sheath

The Zeus Electrosex Penis Sheath delivers a thrilling electric charge to the penis which may help to prolong and strengthen an erection and lead to super-intense climaxes. Using proven Zeus electrosex technology this black leather penis sheath looks great and performs even better.

The premium leather is soft to the touch on the outside and the sheath can be laced as tightly as desired around an erect penis – and the tighter it is laced, the better the electric contact will be.

When it is in place and the user is ready it can simply be connected to any standard Zeus power box and the fun can begin. An electric current passes from the 14 metal studs that line the sheath to the penis stimulating nerves and raising levels of sensitivity to levels never experienced before. The Zeus Penis Sheath is what is known as a bi-polar device, which means the current is passed from one side to the other, with remarkable effects.

By raising or lowering the current and setting different modes to suit the mood it can lead to quite breathtaking climaxes which the user can enjoy as part of a solo sex session or with a partner to share the fun.