Zeus Electrosex Remote Control Butterfly

The Zeus Battery Electrogasm Electrosex Device is a great way to discover all the pleasures of electro stimulation or, for the already experienced user, to take the pleasure with them wherever they go. It attaches directly to whichever part of the body is desired with its integral adhesive pads. With care, these will maintain their adhesive qualities for an extended period and replacements are easily available.

The Electrogasm’s butterfly-shaped pad measures only 4 inches by 2 inches so it is even discreet enough to be worn under clothes and its quiet operation means it can be used in almost any situation or place.

With six different patterns including tapping, rhythmical kneading, deep kneading and pressing as well as ten power levels it allows the user to discover what works best for them and allows for a great deal of variety and experimentation. What is more, the Electrogasm “remembers” the mode that was last used and is ready to resume that mode when it is switched on again.

There are two ways to control the Zeus Remote Control Butterfly – either using the controls on the device itself or through the remote control. This can add extra spice as a partner chooses the level of stimulation you receive. It also makes it simple to control the Butterfly when it is being used under your clothes.

Other features of the unit include an automatic switch off after twelve minutes of use and an LED display to let the user know which mode has been selected.

It is powered by two CR2032 batteries which are supplied and replacement batteries are available from anywhere selling watch accessories.