Zeus Electrosex Replacement Butterfly Pads

These replacement pads work with the Zeus Electrogasm - a discreet, one piece electrosex stimulator that can even be worn under clothing. It works by transmitting electrical impulses to the area to which it is attached by its butterfly-shaped adhesive pads. It can be placed over a user’s most sensitive erogenous zones to give total satisfaction.

No matter how carefully the instructions to maintain the pads in perfect condition are followed, performance and adhesion inevitably decline over time. Eventually it will become necessary to buy and fit replacement pads in order to continue enjoying the stimulation the Electrogasm can provide.

For this reason Zeus now make replacement pads specifically to fit the butterfly shape of the Electrogasm model. Made from high quality conductive material they ensure that the exquisitely stimulating impulses of the Zeus Electrogasm to reach the parts where they are desired with minimal resistance.

The replacement pads have also been carefully coated with a layer of adhesive material to hold the Electrogasm firmly in place and provide excellent contact with the skin. With care, and by following the manufacturer’s instructions for use, the replacement pads should last for a very large number of sessions before others need to be ordered and fitted.