Zeus Electrosex Torpedo Plug - large

The Zeus Electrosex LargeTorpedo Plug is a generous 6 inches long by 1.5 inches wide and it will have some equally big effects wherever it is used. The size of the plug means that it may not be quite right for someone who has never tried an electrosex dildo before - so novices might like to know that Zeus also make a small plug which is more suitable for those just starting out

The Torpedo Plug is perfectly shaped to be inserted into the vagina or anus, even given its large dimensions. Its smooth sides and tapered end along with a shaped handle at its base have been designed to ensure this. Once inserted, it creates a pleasing sensation of “fullness” as its twin electrodes press against the walls of the vagina or rectal cavity.

When the current is switched on the torpedo directly transmits the electrical impulses to the thousands of nerve endings in these most sensitive regions of the body. This creates a state of heightened sensitivity and excitement across the whole area – with potentially very dramatic effects.

By using the different settings and modes of the individual user’s Zeus power box the stimulation can be raised, lowered and adjusted as desired to create the perfect range of stimulation to achieve some quite astonishing orgasms.