Zeus Replacement Pads for Power Boxes

These replacement pads work with all Zeus Electrosex power boxes, As anyone who has experienced electrosex will know this works by transmitting electrical impulses created by the power box to the most sensitive areas of the body. One of the most popular ways to attach the power box to the body is through the use of self-adhesive conductive pads.

No matter how well the pads are cared for, frequent use and continued attachment and removal will mean that over time the pads will gradually lose their adhesion. When this occurs it will become necessary to buy and fit replacement pads.

This pack of four replacement pads is the ideal solution. The pads are made using a high quality conductive material that will transmit the electrical impulses generated by the Zeus power box, and pick up every slight change and modulation with ease. As a result, the impulses reach the parts under the pads with minimal resistance and have maximum effect.

The replacement pads have a coating of adhesive material to keep them firmly in place and to provide excellent contact with the skin. With care, and by following the manufacturer’s instructions for use, the replacement pads should last for a very large number of sessions before others need to be ordered and fitted.