Zeus Silicone Electro Plug - X Large

The Zeus Electrosex Nimbus Blue Silicone Electro Butt Plug (size X Large) is a truly electrifying butt plug! It’s designed to be used with the Zeus Electrosex Power Box (sold separately), but is also compatible with certain other electrosex power units, such as the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy and Rimba e-stim products.

Its larger size makes it perfect for those who crave a fuller, more intense feeling or a bit of a challenge: it’s 6 inches long and 5 inches wide at its maximum circumference.

Made of premium blue silicone, it has two oval-shaped black conductor pads on either side, which channel a stimulating pattern of current inside your body for an incredible, thrilling, tingling buzz!

The plug is specially shaped with a tapered head that makes insertion easy and targets stimulation to directly where you want it, and has a small flared base to keep it securely and safely in place.

To use, first plug the included adapter into the two 2mm pin sockets on the base of the plug’s shaft. Next, plug the 2.5mm jack on the other end of the adapter lead into your power unit.

Insert the plug inside yourself – you may wish to use lubricant. Specialist conductive lubes are particularly suitable: they help to provide maximum conductivity between the device and your body, and ensure that electrical pulses are ‘spread out’ in an even, pleasurable way without any sharp ‘hot spots’.

When you’re ready, use the channel options on the power box to turn on the buzz and find the level of intensity that brings you maximum gasp-inducing pleasure!

Clean using antibacterial cleanser.

This product is bi polar.

Not recommended for use by those who suffer from heart conditions or epilepsy, or pregnant women. Intended for use below the waist only.